FAQs – Mattresses

FAQs – Mattresses

What is the best type of mattress for anyone with restricted mobility?

Anyone with restricted mobility will benefit the most from a comfortable and supportive mattress. The zoned pocket spring mattress with a reinforced edge is best. The firmness provides the support required to assist you getting in and out of the bed as well as changing position once in the bed.

What is the difference between Tempur and a memory foam mattress?

In many cases the term ‘tempur’ and ‘memory foam’ are used interchangeably.

A tempur mattress uses a combination of a polyurethane foam core with layers of visco elastic memory foam on top all laminated together.

Visco elastic is a slow recovery style of polyurethane foam. The density of the foam used in the mattress plays an important role in how well the mattress wears over time.

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?

The main benefit promoted is the promise of a good night’s sleep owing to the ability of the foam to conform to the shape or contour of the body.

Are there any disadvantages to a memory foam style of mattress?

While memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular they are not well suited to anyone who is elderly, frail or has restricted mobility.

The mattress tends to ‘sink’ around the body. While a fit person may find this comfortable, it severely restricts the capacity of a less well person to move about.

A memory foam mattress is meant to regain its shape once the pressure or weight has been removed. Depending on the weight of the person and the age of the mattress, the ability of the mattress to regain its shape becomes reduced over time.

Does the number of pocket springs in a pocket spring mattress make a difference?

There is some debate over how many springs make a ‘good’ pocket spring mattress.

These mattresses can vary from as low as 800 to 2,000 springs per mattress. Spring counts between 1,200 to 1,400 are the most popular.

The number of springs that can fit into the area and provide good support is limited only by the internal space of the mattress.

What is a Bonnell spring?

A Bonnell spring is used in an innerspring mattress.

It consists of a cylindrical coil of wire attached between guide wires and hoops on the top and bottom.

They are less expensive than a pocket spring but easily transfer movement across the mattress.

What are the benefits of a ‘pillow top’ mattress?

A pillow top usually consists of an extra layer of foam placed on the top of the mattress for added comfort.

The foam density is very important as less dense foam will compress and collapse under your body shape over a relatively short time.

A good quality pillow top is made of high density foam with vary degrees of firmness from soft to very firm.

What other types of ‘pillow tops’ are there?

The pillow top layer can also be made of latex, gel infused foam to assist with cooling or even memory foam.

What is gel-infused foam?

Gel infused memory foam has all the same benefits of traditional memory foam.

The open cell structure of gel infused memory foam increases the airflow around your body promoting a cooler night’s sleep.

The gel beads add a further layer of support within memory foam giving extra support exactly where it’s needed.

What are the benefits of gel infused foam?

Some of the main benefits of gel infused foam include increased circulation, spinal alignment, balanced support, pressure relieving, comfortable sleeping surface and reduced partner disturbance.

What are the benefits of a latex mattress?

Latex is a 100% natural product. Made from the rubber sap harvested from trees, it is mixed with other natural products and baked to make the foam. It is a comfortable and supportive sleep surface, helping to keep your spine in alignment and relieve pressure points. Moving about the bed is also easier as the latex ‘rolls’ with you.

Latex is dust mite, mildew and mould resistant. Dust mites cannot live in a natural rubber mattress making it an excellent choice for anyone suffering from allergies. Whilst a latex mattress is considerably dearer than an innerspring or pocket spring mattress, the lifespan is much greater.

What is a bed sore or pressure ulcer?

A pressure ulcer or bed sore, usually develops in stages from reddened or blackened skin with pain through to a severe injury where the protective layer of the skin has become an open wound and in the worst cases tissue breakdown has occurred down to bone level.

What type of mattress is best for a person at risk of bed sores or a pressure ulcer?

A person with a low level of risk can benefit from a pressure care mattress made of suitably dense foam. A person at high risk and unable to move themselves is more suited to an alternating air mattress. This style of mattress is powered by electricity and consists of many individual cells.


The cells inflate and deflate helping reduce the pressure on any particular point of the body.


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FAQs – Mattresses

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What is the best type of mattress for anyone with restricted mobility? Anyone with restricted mobility will benefit the most from a comfortable and supportive mattress. The zoned pocket spring mattress with a reinforced edge is best. The firmness provides the support required to assist you getting in and out of the bed as well as changing position once in the bed.

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